Gym Floor


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Varsity Boys Soccer
Head Coach:  Brian Nelson
Assistant Coach: Seth McQuiddy

Varsity Girls Soccer
Head Coach: Ellie Koutny
Assistant Coach: Meghan McQuiddy

Varsity Girls Volleyball
Head Coach: Laura Weinberger
Assistant Coach: Jen Bowling
Assistant Coach: Julie Uffman

JV Volleyball
Head Coach:  Jen Bowling

Varsity Girls & Boys Cross Country
Head Coach:  Jesse Holthus


Varsity Boys Golf
Head Coach: Dan Schmitz

Junior High Girls Volleyball
Head Coach A Team:  Sara Oates
Head Coach B Team:  Lisa Nimmo

Junior High Girls and Boys Soccer
Head Coach:  Ben Gillens

Junior High Boys/Girls Cross Country
Head Coach:  Kevin Miller


Varsity Boys Basketball
Head Coach:  Carl Woods
Assistant Coach: Brian Oates
Assistant Coach:  Kevin McKinnon

JV Boys Basketball
Head Coach:  Brian Gunter
Assistant Coach:  Doug Smith

Varsity/JV Cheer
Head Coach:  Shelly Hauer

Varsity Girls Basketball
Head Coach:  Terrence Mitchell
Assistant Coach:  John Rogers
Assistant Coach: Sarah Peters

Varsity Bowling
Head Coach:  Ken Peters
Assistant Coach: Rick Baker
Assistant Coach: Charles Carney

Varsity/Junior High Swimming
Head Coach:  Jen Keiner 
Assistant Coach:  Brian Keiner



Junior High “A” & “B” Boys Basketball
Ben Gillens
teve Gillens

Junior High “A” & “B” Girls Basketball 
Head Coach:  Derrick Byndon
Assistant Coach:  Damon Goodloe



Varsity Baseball
Head CoachCurtus Moak
Assistant Coach:  Brian Gunter
Assistant Coach:  Blake Castator

Varsity Softball
Head Coach:  Gary Rice

Varsity Track & Field
Head Coach:  Jesse Holthus
Assistant Coach:  Doug Smith
Assistant Coach:  Rachel Waltz